Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Dangerous world.

The world we now live in has changed since the days when we all felt threatened by the possibility of war during the Cuban crisis. President Kennedy thankfully did not have to press the button.
The Iraq war was to supposed to ensure that Sadam Hussain did not have weapons of mass destruction. None were found.
Now it seems we all have these weapons.
The news that America bombed Syria after they had used chemical warfare was not treated as a tragedy or as a prelude to anything worse. We all felt some relief that hopefully Assad would hesitate before using chemical or barrel bombs in the future.
Mr Trump seemed pleased with his intervention. The rest of the world seemed fairly pleased that some sort of justice had been done.
North Korea then joined in .
They proclaimed that they were ready for war with the USA. What?
War with or without using weapons of mass destruction seems now a possibility. Huge numbers of people fleeing from war torn areas are trying to find somewhere safe...
The entire planet seems threatened right now.
We, the people are the custodians of this beautiful planet. But we now seem to be spectators of its destruction.
War, global warming. Populations on the move.
When I set off on holiday tomorrow I will be praying that the land I leave behind me will stay safe.
I can't remember another Holy Week that felt so dangerous.

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