Monday, 10 April 2017

Glory all around.

During a truly wonderful weekend the warm sun has woken up the entire garden! In one week the huge, ancient horse chestnut has produced both its leaves and the first small spikey flowers. You can almost see them growing!
There is blossom on all the fruit trees. The decorative pear and cherry trees are simply glorious and full of colour.
The fruit trees that actually grow fruit are full of blossom.
We shall be able to make some good sloe gin whole hedge has gone white overnight. The black fruit will be abundant later.
A visitor yesterday was impressed by the whole thing. The last time he saw it it was still a field. It is now definitely more akin to park land.
The moles are making their contribution to its appearance but the badger seems to have left. The odd rabbit dives for cover as I stroll but all the trees have protective wraps around their base so no damage is done.
I haven't seen any deer on it for a couple of years now but they are still about at various times of the year.
The speed of its transformation from almost dead to bounteous glorious life is be able to turn what was a field just ten years ago into a park land of great beauty has been a gift I will always treasure.... thank you God.

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