Monday, 3 April 2017

His finger on the button!

One headline caught my eye today. It was Mr Trump saying that America will sort out the North Korea problem on its own if China doesn't.
This simple statement is the most scary utterance yet.
I am reminded of the Cuba crisis a very long time ago now.
My son was a baby.
I spent an evening of prayer by his cot that the threatened war that looked imminent didn't happen and of course all our prayers were answered on that occasion.
A bomb then , even one set off on the other side of the world was a very real threat to us all.
The fact that the leader of North Korea seems hell bent on being one of the big boys in world events is certainly frightening.
But not as frightening as the fact that we have someone in charge in America also determined to be always right and who has his finger on the nuclear button.
There may have been lots of other occasions when tense relationships have threatened the world but mostly we haven't been aware of them
Modern communication channels means we are all aware of any tensions amongst world leaders. China is much closer to North Korea than any of us feel comfortable with.
But Trumps remarks this morning are very worrying indeed. He is just convinced enough of his own greatness to act. In his head it could redeem his dismal showing in the polls.
Please let someone somewhere prevent a course of action which could damage world peace irrevocably.

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