Sunday, 9 April 2017

Humble pie for breakfast!

I talked too much yesterday. That used not to be unusual but it is now.
People are arriving for Easter.
Driving to church to do the early morning communion was harder than usual....thick fog covered the road. I needed headlights....
The congregation contained several people who I haven't seen for some time.
For those slightly infirm members I issued a warning. The gospel was a very long one. They might need to sit down!
They did. My voice just about dealt with it but I was glad of the microphone.
After an hour in church the fog had lifted and the journey home was much simpler!
I have now finished but not just for the day..I have broken up!
I am away at Easter! This was not planned. Easter's habit of moving around the calendar was the problem. A holiday I booked in January starts this week!
Until recently I hadn't realised that I would be away for wasn't deliberate!
Last year I watched a cruise ship setting off from Falmouth. I can see this great port from my sitting room and determined that if it happened again I would be on it!
So this trip had been booked for months before I realised that it clashed with Easter!
As well as talking too much today I have also eaten a lot of humble pie!
But I have now broken up and I can start packing!

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