Thursday, 6 April 2017

Moths are eating well.

It's almost a relief this morning that the most pressing problem is moths!
Earlier in the week I found a small hole in a jumper and realised rather late that it could well have been eaten!
I then put it to the very back of my mind. There have been far more pressing problems to sort out. But this morning came the news that damage has been found in many of our preserved ancient homes looked after by English Heritage. A spokes women told us that there has been a huge increase in the moth population!
Old wall hangings like tapestries are being destroyed on a fairly large scale.
Alarm bells rang instantly. My wardrobes supply of moth balls are at least two years old...I've had other problems to sort out in the last few years!
So sitting up in bed I ordered a new supply.
Amazon to the rescue.
It's far too easy these days to shop....but I doubt whether my local shops would stock moth balls anyway!
Two minutes on Amazon and some new moth repellents are on their way.
In the old days the unpleasant smell put me off as well as the moths but now we have cedar wood balls that seem to do the trick without the horrid smell .
I haven't actually seen any moths around ...yet. But I'm not taking any chances .
One hole in a cashmere sweater is sufficient to persuade me...
Help is on its way.....

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