Friday, 14 April 2017

Out to sea!

Oh dear. I am not happy. It serves me right for coming away at Easter!
I have done an Olsen cruise before but not on this ship which turns out to be the oldest member of the fleet and it shows.
The sail away was we swung into the channel past St Mawes and headed out to sea.
The first meal on board was Ok. The service was small scotch took half an hour to arrive.
The people are pleasant. I have already met the people from my church...
My cabin is nothing short of dreadful!
Its got a double bed in it which takes up most of the room.
My "ocean view " portholes are this morning covered by heavy iron discs which are too heavy for me to shift! Without the light from the clear view the room is very dark!
Miserable old woman I certainly am this morning.
Which is fitting for Good Friday.....
It can only get better! Fingers crossed! Or something.

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  1. The reality check is an Old ship with a mature woman on it, will result in Arrgghh moments. I thought that you always packed a hip flask for the odd nip if you have to wait for a scotch?

    Hoping that it gets better for you and that the light of Easter gets through the portholes, sooner rather than later.

  2. Arecyou meeting up with Teresa Nat and Donald Trump? I understand that they are both all at sea

  3. Are you meeting up with Teresa May and Donald Trump? I understand that they are both all at sea

  4. Perhaps river cruising next time