Saturday, 15 April 2017

Second day travelling south.

I went to a very good reflection on Good Friday yesterday. It was a big improvement on some of the things I've attended before on board various ships. I am settling down on this one and listening to everyone else I realise that in fact I was very fortunate to have had so few problems getting on board.
The embarkation procedure from a tin shack in Falmouth had not upset me but many were clearly affronted by it.
We are told that Olsen will not be doing this trip again. So it's just as well that I'm on it then. It makes the deficiencies feel better....
I'm finding people to talk to wherever I go. There are a lot of single people on board. And no I'm definitely not looking....ever again!
There is a very different ethos here. Long term Olsen people are fiercely loyal and eager to maintain their contacts with them but I will not be going to book my next cruise with them . I still hate my cabin.
There are a lot of Cornish people on board. Which was inevitable I suppose. I am seeing some very odd sights though, especially during our first formal night last night when the men turned out in dinner jackets even the one with the pony tail and the heavily tattooed one. It was an interesting evening for a spectator.
Many of the names here are Cornish. Two restaurants are Heligan and Tintagel.
All Gods children are all their individual glory. And we are travelling is warming up as we go! By Easter Day we will be in warm sun again! So it's not all bad news!

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