Monday, 10 April 2017

Shops closed!

Watching the news last night I found myself saying out loud " Oh no! "
It wasn't a report of an atrocity or a bad accident or anything like that. It was the news that Jaeger was closing.
Last year Viyella closed, leaving a hole in my clothes buying plans and now Jaeger is also joining in!
I know this still leaves Marks and Spencer but their clothes have not suited me in the last few years......
What is going on?
Fortunately both firms make clothes that last. I am still wearing skirts bought before I moved to Cornwall seventeen years ago.
I knew that Jaeger has had some excellent sales this year....I have thankfully bought several lovely jumpers in the last year. I'm doing my best to keep the shop open.......
I did see that there could be a return from Viyella at some point. A quick google reveals that men's clothes are still on sale but I failed to find any women's clothes.
I'm not actually short of things to wear. I could manage with what I've got for the rest of my life...but I do lament the loss of my much loved shopping opportunities. I love just going on line and looking for things to wear on cruises.   And this is just one more indication that the world as I know it is coming to an end!
But I am sorry to be losing Jaeger....
Proof positive that I am still a girl at heart!

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