Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The morning disaster.

After yesterday mornings excursion I am tired and have learned an important fact. Always read the small print carefully before committing to anything!
Yesterday I was booked on what I thought was a coach tour. On other cruises these have always been interesting and not exhausting...
This mornings was neither. We got on our bus which drove us out of the coastal shipping area and to a town called La Manga.
The name of the tour was "Leisurely La Manga" this was so far from the truth that in hindsight it was laughable .
No one on the coach spoke at all. Usually a local guide gives us enough information to appreciate our surroundings. This time as we left the coach we were told. "Back in three hours"
What? There was a long road of apartments, small shops and snack bars.
What on earth were we going to do for three hours?
Two men from my table whose names I knew allowed me to stroll along with them . We walked towards a beach. The sea was out but the beach was pleasant.
We had no clear idea of what we could do so we just walked.
The men were great. Without them I would have felt very vulnerable walking on my own...but for three hours?
We found our way back to the Main Street and saw there was another beach on the other side...we were on a long thin peninsula.
Turning back we then visited the first cafe we found. We had coffee.
We were miles away and anyway only an hour had elapsed...so on we went...
Altogether we visited three bars and got some vodka to drink with some tinned juice!
It gave us time to sit down. We talked to other Brits on holiday but had to get back to our starting point.
It was the worst tour I've ever been on saved only by the chaps who looked after me with gallantry and good humour.
Read the small print before booking is the message from this one!

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