Friday, 5 May 2017

A serious complaint .

I will stop complaining soon, honestly but I am getting better now after several days of feeling dreadful.
I have spent a few hours this week trying to talk to Fred Olsen about the cruise.
When I booked it I asked for a balcony room. I said I didn't mind paying double. They said they were booked up but they would find me a lovely room with an ocean view. I agreed to the quoted price of four and half thousand pounds.
So last week I found my cabin on the bottom floor was a small dark little room with two portholes covered by heavy iron grills. In this room they had placed a double bed which meant it was hard to move round.
This week, arriving home poorly I have tried to contact Fred Olsen with only very limited success despite all the hype of how much our views are valued.
I found out yesterday that the other two people from this village also came home poorly.
I am now done with Fred Olsen. All the time we were afloat we were being constantly asked for feedback....but it now appears that the only feedback they were interested in was positive.....they seem determined to ignore anything else!
Six helicopter rescues, passengers with pneumonia , all things they would rather not be reminded about! All of this and there was no wifi! Strange that!
I have never felt like this before.....I have always arrived home singing the praises of the cruise line...but their reluctance to talk to me plus the fact that they charged me double for an awful room is spurring me on.
We visited some lovely places....but really they have let me down....and the others who have arrived home unwell....I shall never travel on a Fred Olsen ship again.

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  1. It must be like having a holiday in a strangers home, where you are confined to the cellar and only allowed out to do some shopping. And the cellar recirculates air loaded with bugs from those who cough and splutter publically, or don't wash their hands after blowing their nose and spread germs by contact.

    And worse of all, paying an extortionate rent for the privilege.

    You are right to complain. I would put something of your experience on Trip Adviser, which might make Olsen Lines sit up and take notice, particularly if others do the same.