Monday, 8 May 2017

Back to normal?

The sun shines...I am very much better and today I will have another person in the house. My cleaner !
It has occurred to me that having spent two weeks on board a ship, cheek by jowl with hundreds of others I have, since coming home been alone most of the time.
I am not complaining about this but I shall be glad to see my cleaner this morning.
The inanimate objects in this house joined in yesterday when my cooker Everhot was not hot at all yesterday.
A quick trip downstairs this morning reveals that it is still on strike but I think I switched it on again!
I do also have a microwave and another cooker that David insisted on having so I am not going to be short of hot food!
I am now clearly in need of company...
Failing an actual person the radio is becoming my constant companion....
In the garden the molehills proliferate. The badger hole has also grown so I do have some company.....
I am not complaining about my solitary's what I needed after that dreadful cruise..but today real life begins again..I shall be very glad to see my cleaner!

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  1. Back in a routine, perhaps going out to meet others and have a human voice to listen to. I find that being solitary isn't me - I like to be with people, and it works to keep me sane.