Thursday, 18 May 2017

Begging letters

I am getting a bit cheesed off with the number of emails flying into my in box all demanding money.
I appreciate that elections cost money...but come on....the Green Party, the Labour Party, Uncle Tom Cobbley...well you know what I mean!
And then there are the ones who want me post envelopes, go on demos etc...
In Truro! It would be easier to dole out cash!
I have done all sorts of electioneering in my youth...but come on chaps...I'm an old woman.....marching anywhere is absolutely not on!
I already do give money for things I care about..that's easy compared to proper electioneering.
But really chaps...lay off....demanding cash is always going to be off putting no matter how much you need it...and badgering a person who already donates could have the opposite effect from what you need!
Every day I have at least four demands.....they tell me that I can save this country from Mrs May by sending them money....even fringe groups like Hope not Hate are joining in..
Nothing is more off putting than some of the hyperbole that is cluttering up my inbox...
I'm not being mean...I do have several groups that I support...but it's my choice.....and the fastest way to turn me off is to send me desperate begging letters!
The ones I already contribute to are in only takes a flick of the finger to cancel what I already send....and some days my fingers twitch as I read the exhortations coming daily!
Enough chaps!

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