Thursday, 18 May 2017

Colour transparencies.

I have recently been searching through various boxes in my barn , looking for old pics.
When I moved, first from Essex and then from the next village I put all my scribblings and my photographs in large plastic boxes.
Today it is so easy to snap anything that takes our eyes with mobile phones etc and they are stored on our computers and are easily accessed!
But I realised that I wanted pictures of my children too.
So off I went to find them.
I now have some school photographs of them both, safe on my iPad but yesterday I realised why there were a lot missing....
There they were but on colour transparencies...
Hundreds of small boxes contain pictures of holidays long gone.
David 1 was an excellent photographer....and was convinced that the future lay in the tiny little transparency. He invested in the little machines to put them in. We also had a white wall that showed us all in glorious technicolor.
But decades of taking pictures of us all are now more or less confined to the box!
I am wondering if there is a way of getting some of them onto my iPad...but the thought of sitting down for days peering into the small boxes , to find pictures too small to transfer to my phone does not appeal.
David was computer only arrived in our house after he had died...but I would like some of his brilliant photos to survive.

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  1. There are devices, and they are not expensive: a quick Google on "digitising 35mm transparencies" brought up loads. Similar (or possibly the same) ones will do regular colour negatives.
    The ex is currently on a project to do his boxes - mine are slightly more challenging as they are all prints and some are very old (3 generations' worth!). Hope to get that Round Tuit on it some time soon!

  2. I bought a photocopier/printer that copied transparencies and I managed to print all ours. I would also think that there were firms out there that would do it for you. Is there a good camera shop nearby it might be worth popping I. And asking.