Saturday, 6 May 2017

Con men on the phone.

Because I have been waiting for someone from Fred Olsen to ring me back as promised I have been answering my phone much more than has become usual....
Twice in a day from different numbers I have had a request to speak to Mr Rolt!
Two other calls asked if I was the home owner.....
The usual requests to discuss either my heating or my loft insulation have been high in the list.
It's been interesting to see that all the nuisances are still out there....just waiting to pounce!
This is a lesson I learned early in my widowhood....the people who prey on the vulnerable have learned some of the lessons.....some of them sound almost trustworthy...however, they are not.
A friend who lives close by has had similar phone calls....we can almost time them together.
Somewhere out there is a list of vulnerable rich old widows just ripe for the plucking......and we are on it!
Oh dear....unfortunately for the con men the brain still functions...
And the promised call from Fred Olsen has not happened!

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