Thursday, 11 May 2017

Cruise blogging!

Extra ordinary! Two bloggers were aboard the Olsen cruise. We never met but since getting home we have indeed struck a similar note.
Well spotted Pixie Mum...
Her cruise was worse than mine I think because she was ill on board whereas mine only started at home afterwards.
She got confined to her cabin...I didn't....she worried about being taken off by helicopter. It didn't occur to me until I was safe at home.
I suppose Fred Olsen tried not to admit that they had a medical problem on board but they certainly did.
So did one of us carry it aboard or was it a relic of the previous cruise?
I think we should know! If they knew there was a problem then they needed to tackle it and not just hope it would go away!
The wifi problem has nagged in my head since I read her blog.
After the first day at sea when I had managed to blog, after that somehow it never worked again....
The ladies on the desk told me I would not be able to use the wifi, it wasn't working well....they were very stern faced when telling me this.
After that it disappeared and only on the last day of the cruise did it come back.....was this Olsen trying to operate without the bad publicity?
Six helicopter rescues. People confined to their cabins. It's not what a cruise should be all about.
If I'd had to spend any more time in my grotty little cabin I would have welcomed a helicopter coming to get me!
Definitely back to Cunard next time.

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