Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Day out!

Down here we are cut off from much of what's happening in the rest of the country but the visitors seem to be arriving in droves...including a very old friend of forty odd years.
I can no longer sit in the sun for hours.....I do half an hour wearing sun block and that's enough...but I'm still being taken to a beach this morning , an outing planned weeks ago!
This beach was voted in the top ten beaches in the world and it is glorious...
In the past I would have taken my costume and swum more than I walked...I'll see how it goes.....
At the end of the walk is a lovely restaurant. So we can talk and eat and drink, not necessarily in that order! The last time we did it the tide had cut us off so sooner than walk a long way back by land I might take a taxi number with me....
I've checked my drinks cabinet.....the Pimms and the lemonade are ready!
Also very unexpectedly I got a parcel yesterday!
It was from Fred Olsen!
After complaining about the last cruise I talked to someone on the phone who understood my miseries only too well. She sent me a parcel.,
A bottle of wine, quite a good one, some cheese and biscuits and a jar of chutney! Perfect for a picnic!
It won't make me want to sail with them again but it does show that they are not all bad....and they are listening! I think!
So summer,, bring it on...pass the sunscreen and a big hat...and try to forget the grief and the anger which boils up every time I listen to the news...
We will keep the silence....

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