Saturday, 13 May 2017

Early morning service!

Up early to a wonderful morning...bright sun , no wind and the whole garden in glorious flower.
Tiny green cherries are already visible, too high for me to ever pick so the birds will have another good year here!
It's my first service since arriving home coughing....the congregation should be used to it by this time...especially when I reassure them that I'm not contagious.
This church has a new church warden....and she also brought the cough home with her from the last cruise...
Getting her signature on the right bit of paper was one of the more interesting operations of the last cruise...the incumbent sent me the form for her to sign . The only bit of wifi around was on the mobile phone and that only worked near land...the entire operation was simply surreal as we moved between small land the end the whole operation had to be abandoned as we got further away from she signed the form in spirit if not in actuality...
This morning I am going armed with several hankies, and lots of antiseptic gel....far be it from me to go on spreading the Olsen bug any's travelled far enough and I do worry about the new set of passengers who replaced us...
However, once more into the breach...time to start the car...fingers crossed...

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  1. I hope all was well. Our 8 am regularly attracts upto 20 people, despite two other services for people to come to.

    8 am and BCP are specific congregations as different people come to different services - our mid-week is also BCP and we also offer Evensong.

    Not sure why, but BCP also appeals to me more than Common Worship, which is also good liturgy - perhaps the history, tradition and language of the BCP has a hook that I can't resist.