Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Election mistakes.

Last nights debate was both depressing and fascinating.
The absence of the person whose decision it was to call an election was simply an arrogant mis step as is I believe the whole concept of having an election at all.
I'm sure it looked like a good idea whilst walking in Wales but it is I believe a major mistake and one our prime minister will regret. I think she thought it was a really good idea to ask for a vote to strengthen her stance in the Brexit negotiations.
It looks increasingly likely though that even if she does still win, her image has been fatally damaged along with the slogan "strong and stable"
Weak and wobbly is gaining ground daily.
Of the various leaders last night two shone out for me. Jeremy Corbyn and Caroline Lucas were the ones who stood out with the man from UKIP hitting new lows.
It hasn't helped my decision as to where my cross will go....but voting negatively to stop May looks like the best idea at the moment. And that is against everything I've always voted for.
I regret the democratic result of the Brexit vote...but we can't do it all again...we are stuck with it I think!
No one could be bored with these few weeks but I find myself wishing David Campbell was still our PM. And that is the most unlikely sentence I've ever written...but that's just the way things are right now!
We have one more week....
But it's not going to be boring.....but a bit of dull would go down quite well during the next week!

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