Sunday, 28 May 2017

Explanation of some blogging problems.

My life just gets weirder. This morning I did something I won't do again...nothing too exciting ....I just posted a blog out of sequence...
I was using up an old post stored in "Local drafts"
I deleted all the stuff already written and started fresh, only to find a comment on it already!
As at that stage I hadn't even finished writing it so I was bemused to see a comment coming through the ether as I typed!
That blog now sits way back....on the date I originally wrote it!
So far my planned day off...has not been quiet at all....I am not good at solving computer mysteries...
I have been up the garden to offer prayers for all those suffering in Manchester. Praying outside is as close to God as I get right now I think!
Nothing seems to be working well but it's probably all my fault!
No replies having appeared on this new blog yet I think it's all back to normal...but if any reader is puzzled by any of it I apologise...the only thing to keep in mind is that it's even more puzzling for me!

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