Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Leaders TV debate.

Last night I watched the two party leaders being grilled. I have to admit a soft spot for Paxman since he brought his family to church one Easter morning a few years ago!
The way the interviews were conducted were tailored to try to get the best and the worst from each candidate...
I saw two people trying very hard to look like our future Prime minister.
Neither succeeded with me though I grew steadily more pro Labour which will not be a surprise to anyone reading this blog.
May called an election in the full knowledge that part of that process would involve debate...she knew she would be called on to explain her various decisions. So last night I think she failed....and is in danger of becoming disliked in the same way that Thatcher was for being just what she originally aspired to......being a difficult woman.
Her attempt to present a cool, well thought out series of election promises failed to ignite anyone I suspect.
Corbyn having survived a very bad year held his own.
He is slowly growing on me .
The thing I liked last night was the presence of a sense of humour...he laughed off several anxious moments....
May did not succeed in convincing me that she is either strong or stable...I think the reaction to her plans for the dementia tax have been badly received and she knows it.
Corbyn struggled with the questions about Trident...his principled previous stand on nuclear war is now important in a leader asking to be trusted with all our future safeties.
I still don't really know how I will vote , it will depend on who else will be on the ballot paper...
Knowing that your vote doesn't count in a place where a massive Tory vote will ensure the result always makes my vote irrelevant . But I will be there....and maybe I'll have made my mind up by that time.

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