Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Manchester two.

I am so proud of my fellow Lancastrians. The reports of people helping each other in the face of horror are typical of the people I grew up with.
Some of the stories have been harrowing. Families searching for their lost children sometimes to find them amongst the casualties.
Heart rending stories fill the air waves.
And I am taken back to the days when the first arrivals landed in this country.
They came from different countries at the outset. Bangladesh, people fleeing from Idi Amins regime in Uganda.
We made them welcome...taught them English, made sure they were not treated badly.
To find the hatred demonstrated by attacking young people enjoying a pop concert is simply totally alien to anything I have ever experienced.
The only way to cope with all this is Love.
We are human....if attacked with hate it is a natural reaction to fight back with anger and hatred...
But my fellow Lancastrians are demonstrating the opposite.
"Love one another as I have loved you" words spoken by Jesus on His way to the cross. These words were never more potent..
I watched the meeting in Albert square last the past such meetings I attended were always political. But last night it was love being demonstrated. People were waiting to show each other love, kindness, peace.
It was as though in the face of such wickedness, such evil, they had to demonstrate Christian love.
I am so proud of them....these are the Lancastrians I grew up with and was part of.
The northern bit of me is still strong I find....prayers are all I can offer.
And as we approach Ascension Day tomorrow I will join my prayers to all those ascending too!
Lord have mercy.

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