Monday, 22 May 2017

Manchester !

I woke to a description of the appalling aftermath left by a suicide bomber in Manchester!
For several years I used Victoria station to get to work...I know it well.
The Arena wasn't built then....the streets around the station were scruffy and presumably pulled down to build a concert hall!
The cathedral isn't far away and that's where I should be this morning...
The wickedness of a suicide bombing in such a crowded place full of happy young girls is extraordinary.
What sort of person went to a concert , saw the joy of young people at a pop concert and then detonated hell!
Many people were caught by bolts, presumably packed into a rucksack to deliver even more deaths and injuries. I heard them described as "dockland confetti"
The killer had determined to cause as many deaths as possible. And as many injuries...
As well as grieving for those caught by the blast, for the families waiting for news of their loved ones I am wondering about the mindset of the killers...
Islamic terrorism in a place I know so well was until this morning unthinkable..
Here in Cornwall all I can do is pray...for all those affected, for those who are left hurt and for those who are waiting for news of their loved ones..
Dear God give strength to those who are hurting..and those who have lost a loved one.

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  1. Manchester outrage is something that we haven't got used to in recent years. Off course, the country is no stranger to terrorism, recalling the IRA Campaigns of the 1970's onwards for 30 years or so. This though is of a completely different nature, more complex and unpredictable. The problem is that there are so many strangers within our gates, the vast majority of whom are peaceful and peace loving. It is that tiny percentage, who have been radicalised or are in sympathy with the extremist politics (I won't call it Islamic, as Islam is a peaceful religion) and who want to impose their politics on a, in the main, Christian or Secular nation.

    We need to root out those who would do us harm, and put them into a safe place, where they can do no harm - if it's prison or detention, I don't know the answer, but extremism is uncontrollable without education and inclusion into the wider community. The Religious authorities all have their part to play in this, identifying and educating those elements in danger of radicalisation - not from a Government directed initiative, but from the tenets of their own faith(s).