Thursday, 11 May 2017

Money details!

Ok now the truth can be told.....I have nursed an anxiety since the last dreadful cruise....I got my pin wrong twice in one of the delightful shops in Portugal.
I could not proceed for fear of losing my card so far from home but this has stayed with me through the coughing and the spluttering since I came home.
Over and again I have muttered the number I failed to produce last week.
So yesterday morning it was time to test it.
Off I went to the local garden centre....
I explained to the kind lady in charge of the transaction as she put my card into her small machine and it duly came up with the news that I had failed twice already!
I put in the numbers I had been saying under my breath for days.....and lo, they worked....
Old age is a dam nuisance, not least in the randomness of forgetfulness.
I am now assuming that my mishap in Portugal was my mind taking care of me....not letting me buy the white silk cardigan I would have enjoyed wearing on the cruise.
What ever, I am now so relieved that I have put the plants away... breathed a hefty sigh of relief and am ready to greet my gardener this morning with enough cash to pay him!

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