Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Not good news.

I am resisting the urge to issue bulletins . Suffice it say the bug has left me very weak!
It has however given me time to listen to all the election utterances coming over the air waves...
They are very very distressing....
Mrs May seems intent on turning into a new Maggie.....
Jeremy seems unable to understand that he is damaged by all the events of the last years. I can't believe he is carrying on regardless of the fact that he doesn't have the full support of his MPs.
The broadcast yesterday of Diane Abbot was so bad I squirmed all the way through.
The Brexit talks seem doomed to get us anything good out of it. Did we not understand that any divorce would be expensive?
The world news doesn't help either....Trump versus the rest of the world is not a cheery thought.
Whilst I was off lotus eating the UK seems to have drifted into troubled waters. Let's just hope that no tempests rock us any further!

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  1. Jean,I totally agree with your analysis.
    The world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket.
    We are not going to see the worst results of all the changes (unless it is a nuclear Armageddon) but our younger relatives will. That is what worries me, but individually we can do nothing.
    I just hope that before it is too late, the people of the world realise that we can only survive if we come together and work collectively to find some solutions.
    Otherwise it is KYAGB.

  2. I think had you not been off "lotus eating" it is just possible the news would be just as bad.
    Not ALL your fault (this time) Jean.:-)