Thursday, 4 May 2017

Old age blues.

Since getting home at the weekend I have experienced real old age. Nothing works!
The cough gave way to a streaming cold...I spent yesterday sneezing. This produced unwanted side effects which I don't need to go into here....
I have slept a lot. Wrapping myself in a duvet I have moved around the house...just getting from A to B has been a challenge!
I have actually been using the stair lift uttering grateful thanks as I go....
I have no appetite for food and have started forcing small amounts of soup down occasionally.
My first day home last weekend before this dam bug struck I had started my car and taken it for a run so I think it should start.
Which is good news because I do want to go out and vote this morning.
Using my vote has always been important to me and I know both of the young men who are standing...
There are no party affiliations down here....just slightly different points of view!
Since getting home I have only once got to the end of my garden...I am now very weak...but I am going to give it a go!
But first I need a shower.
Pathetic! My first real taste of being an old woman has worried me but there seems little I can do about it....apart from trying to carry on regardless!
I am praying that this is a momentary lapse....and that normal service will be resumed soon....
Today will be a test.

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