Thursday, 4 May 2017

Old age blues.

Since getting home at the weekend I have experienced real old age. Nothing works!
The cough gave way to a streaming cold...I spent yesterday sneezing. This produced unwanted side effects which I don't need to go into here....
I have slept a lot. Wrapping myself in a duvet I have moved around the house...just getting from A to B has been a challenge!
I have actually been using the stair lift uttering grateful thanks as I go....
I have no appetite for food and have started forcing small amounts of soup down occasionally.
My first day home last weekend before this dam bug struck I had started my car and taken it for a run so I think it should start.
Which is good news because I do want to go out and vote this morning.
Using my vote has always been important to me and I know both of the young men who are standing...
There are no party affiliations down here....just slightly different points of view!
Since getting home I have only once got to the end of my garden...I am now very weak...but I am going to give it a go!
But first I need a shower.
Pathetic! My first real taste of being an old woman has worried me but there seems little I can do about it....apart from trying to carry on regardless!
I am praying that this is a momentary lapse....and that normal service will be resumed soon....
Today will be a test.

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  1. Hurray! I've never been so jubilant over getting to a polling both...but I did it....I'm reluctant to assume too much but there is now light at the far end of my tunnel...mixed metaphors not withstanding!

  2. Hopefully the Light of Jesus Christ, holding you in his loving arms and comforting you.

    While I am not as aged as you, I too struggle, particicularly if I have a cold or infection. As I am diabetic, it now seems to effect me much more than in the past.

    My diabetes is controlled by medication and diet, but it still leaves you a little more susceptible to any infection going around. Us soft southerners seem too be liable to whimpering, not like you hardy northerners.

    I do hope that your recovery is swift and you are restored to be that healthy, mature woman that we love and admire.

  3. Hi Jean,
    One of my readers pointed me in your direction. I too have returned from Boudicca having been taken ill the last few days on board. Normally a healthy 87 year old the last few days on board were quite frightening - I was confined to my cabin and feared I would be taken off by helicopter dumped in a foreign hospital to die alone. It was my eighth cruise - seven with Fred Olsen and I will never cruise again as I fear it would kill me eventually. I still don't feel myself and am trying to get some medical info and receipts from ROL and Fred Olsen. I hope you will feel quite well again soon. Good luck with the phone call.
    Pat Mackay