Wednesday, 17 May 2017

People in power!

You couldn't be bored by the news as it unwinds day by day! I can't remember another period so filled by amazing facts....or non facts....
My excursion into twitter yesterday found so many calls for Trumps impeachment that I can only assume he might be a little bit worried.....
Here at home the forthcoming election is less riveting because I am assuming the worst!
The worst for me would be a huge Tory victory but this looks more or less inevitable.
Full marks to Mrs May , she looks set to get the mandate she wants but is this a good thing?
I have warmed to Jeremy during this process...he does a very good motivating speech I just despair of him ever achieving any sort of power...
It is the worst thing of this moment that all our futures are in the hands of people who are pursuing their own personal agendas..
May and Corbyn don't have the problem that belongs to Trump. Neither of them are liars. Neither has the mind set of a troubled little boy set on getting his own way!
There are other party leaders of course...Fallon for the Lib Dems is a pleasant chap but can't get us past Nick Cleggs period as Deputy Prime minister!
The Greens leader Caroline Lucas would get my vote....probably....
I have never lived in a place likely to return a non Tory since I left Lancashire...
I have never voted for anyone who has actually got in!
But I am enjoying the cut and thrust of this period....and I just hope someone is keeping their eye on Mr Trump!

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  1. Like you Jean I listened to Jeremy Corbyn's speech and liked it, but like you also, I fear that is probably as good as it gets.
    As for Senor Trump - well - they are giving hime lots of rope and he is making excellent use of it. just a few more serious errors and they'll have him.

    Can't wait!!

  2. What is so interesting is the difference between the manifesto's of the two main parties. Labour are promising more tax and spend, including billions of uncosted proposals for Nationalisation, and pandering to the Unions.No change there apart from a return to the seventies.

    The Tories on the other hand are proposing to hit pensioners in the pocket and promising care costs being delayed until after death (but paying more in the meantime) a cap of £100,000 for those who need care? Not sure how many pensioners have that sort of ready cash? We most certainly do not.

    Her promise on immigration to reduce it to below 100,000 net each year, is a promise made by successive tory governments (and labour in the past) but never met. And I believe that it's pandering to those UKIP voters that have nowhere to go now.

    So, both parties are promising to cost us more in our pockets. I don't mind losing the winter fuel payment as it's a bonus as far as we are concerned, but the return to means testing is an echo of the past :(