Saturday, 20 May 2017

Publishing my book!

Whilst I was off on the last cruise a new notion kept arriving in my inbox.
But as there was virtually no wifi on board I only opened the emails occasionally on shore...
It was a book publishing company rejoicing in the name, "Blessed Hope publishing."
Clearly this is a a religious group who say very nice things about my scribbles!
On getting home I agreed to send them the manuscript of my Joey book...the fictional story of Jesus visit to Cornwall.
Having received it they are now proposing to make it into a proper book, on actual paper....
I regret that I haven't spent much time looking into this group...apart from a quick google...but I have to admit that it would be quite nice to have it published properly as opposed to it being an ebook.
Vanity, vanity thy name is woman! These are the words running through my head...
They have not asked me for any money...they say they will send me a copy of the book but clearly there's much more I need to know...
I may be sleep walking into before I give them any more information I would value some input please........

Thanks to those who sent me information....I have yet to assimilate it. But right now it looks dodgy...they are asking me for a great deal of personal information...but I have read what others have said and I am content to leave Joey as an's still being downloaded and read according to be it!

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  1. I think that you are quite right to leave it in it's original format. I still go back to it occasionally when I want to be reminded about Joey in Cornwall. And the sotry is one that is completely possible. :)

  2. Any chance of a link for fans who've never heard of Smash words? Cheers x