Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Strong government.

I know I keep saying this but we are living in a very weird world....scanning the news used to be interesting. Now it's riveting!
Changing government in various countries brings daily news from all over the world.
Electioneering has become suspect. A load of emails appeared in the French Presidential election though they failed to embarrass Macron as they had obviously been designed to do.
Hilary Clinton is still sure her campaign was subject to interference from Russia or the FBI or both....
Trump gets scarier every day...his ability to lie about almost everything brings nervous shudders when ever I read the New York Times or watch Fox News...
His need to win on every subject means that it's hard to believe anything that he says.
In this country we have grown up politicians thank goodness, but Brexit has changed all the usual rules....so we are now seeing promises on party lines , more money for us all.....cheaper bills etc....
The only good news over the weekend was that UKIP seems dead in the water now....
I really want strong parties...... it's in all our interests for democratic government.....it's not good for any of us that right now Mrs May seems unstoppable.
What I am regretting are the number of begging letters from every corner...promising success in the polls if I contribute!
The next few weeks are going to be very interesting but let's hope it doesn't get any scarier!

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  1. Now Mr Trump has fired the head of the FBI, perhaps the investigation into Russian links is getting too close to home. Presumably he will put in a 'Patsy' who will do his bidding and close down the investigation.

    The corruption displayed overtly by this regime is disgraceful - you reap what you sew as the saying goes, The USA has chosen to elect someone with a poor track record for honesty - and now they live with that decision.