Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The bugs on board.

Yesterday was the worst day for many years....I had no food at all. My liquid diet contained no alcohol until I was in bed.
I haven't coughed during the night....but I did find out that the last man to be picked up by helicopter had had pneumonia. I imagine that the five rescued people who had gone before him had also been suffering in the same way!
The ship had made sure that we all used the antiseptic provided when going from room to room..
But I wonder how many people there are like me who succumbed to this bug on reaching home.
I was already unhappy about the ship. I had already said never again but that was because of the two things that had gone already gone wrong.
No wifi at all which magically reappeared on the last evening!
And my dreadful dark pokey little cabin, a single room which contained a double bed!
I will at some point talk to this shipping line. Much depends on how they respond to me whether I then get my solicitor involved.
Other people are I know feeling very let down by Fred Olsen . I don't know where Boudicca is now but I hope she was steam cleaned before taking on board any more passengers.
I was so glad to get home. I delighted in the space all around me. I started to unpack and got my car back on the road at the weekend. .......until this!
I will take it very slowly now. I don't have enough breath to talk to them ...just yet!
But one day soon!

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