Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Your account is closed!

I am assuming that yet another set of emails this week all asking for my details are scams...
I get Apple mails at least once a week telling me they have closed my account, or are just about to close it because I've failed to update my account!
The saving grace about these are that they often contain small mistakes, punctuation or spelling...easy to spot by an ex English teacher....
Similar ones from Amazon also arrive if not daily then about two a week.
Other sites , some I have only used once or twice threaten to cut me off regularly.
Is it because I'm old or does everyone get them?
Does anyone ever do what they are asking of me?
If I ignore them nothing happens.....the world as I know it does not come to an end...
Do other people get alarmed and put in all their details?
When I recently got a new card due to another scam I nearly fell for I did take the trouble to go through and change my details...
So now I just ignore them all....
I may regret that at some stage...but right now it feels safer to assume the worst about everything...
This does not come easily to me. I used to be a trusting person. Now I suspect everything asking me for any details.....
I enjoy all my excursions into this new arcane world I find myself living in..but I do get slightly annoyed with all the attempts to get money out of me...two already this morning...
Try to find honest ways of making money dear scammers...your attempts are getting tedious!

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  1. Perhaps it's just a postcode thing but so far I haven't experienced this type of nuisance.
    Just this evening however I had a call beginning with the immediate hackle-raising "How are you this evening?"
    I simply ignored that and growled "what do you want".
    Slight pause then "It is about the accident you had with your car recently".
    I replied "I don't drive" and put the phone down.
    They obviously haven't done their homework.
    What's next I wonder?

    1. Ray I've had that one too. They usually say the accident was not my fault...but I just say "I haven't had an accident." Which is true but it is very annoying....interesting you get them too!

  2. My email filters automatically consign these things to spam. And any email addressed to me as 'Dear' is detected.

    I can't count how many emails get binned each day, perhsps in the region of forty or fifty. Some services like ebay have an email address to send this type of email to to allow them to close down the operations, but it must be a thankless task, so many millions of spam going around every day.