Sunday, 25 June 2017

A crowded planet.

On my first Sunday off for some time I am listening to the radio with a sense of disbelief....
There are so many stories of disaster. Mudslides, fires, torrential rain, Brexit!
Cyber attacks are happening more often and cause chaos in hospitals and even parliament!
There are good things happening I know but the news is focussed on the horror.
Getting many families rehoused whilst the towers they live in are made safe is a massive uprooting of often elderly people and I am not surprised that some of them have simply refused to go!
I wonder if maybe the current situation is made worse by politicians not wanting to be found inadequate or uncaring...
In the old days we would not know quite so much about what is happening...but now stories focus on tragedy and on celebrities in a way that might sell news papers but just makes me shudder!
I could just not listen or look at the papers but I am still interested in what is going on around me...
I do wonder though whether it is just that there are far too many humans on this earth, all needing homes and food and to feel safe...
Is this a question of over population and the various disasters, natures way of getting our numbers down a little!
I am trying very hard not to mention birth control.

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  1. The news this morning that every building that have been checked has been found to be dangerous, holds huge implications for the literally millions of people world wide, let alone in the Uk who live in them. The faults are not only cladding. Many have no sprinkler systems, some have unprotected gas installations and most have inadequate fire means of escape. The mantra of 'stay put' as a fire precaution has been shown to be a scandal, that costs lives in the Grenfull Towers disaster. 78 people dead, due to failureof risk assessments and cost short cuts. And the acceptance of building regulations and fire safety standards that were woefully misdirected and intrinsically flawed, demonstrate negligence on a supreme standard.

    This is a national and international scandal, where costs were put before human lives.

    I suspect that huge costs to resolve these scandals will fall onto the taxpayers, national or local and not on the companies who designed and built these death traps.

    Will anyone ever be held accountable? I doubt it.