Friday, 9 June 2017

A hung Parliament!

How on earth have we found ourselves in this position?
We must look very stupid to the rest of the world and especially to the EU!
This could be because we are very stupid!
Mrs May has to go obviously!
She gambled a working majority on the need to increase her power.
Brexit has to be worked out and soon...and as I write I see that Mrs May is announcing that she has no intention of resigning.
Why not? This mess is hers. We need a person we can trust and I don't believe that anyone who survived last nights shambles will want to trust the person who plunged us into it!
All the parties are going to have to work out ways of working together for the good of the country...
The one person unfit to lead them is the person whose self view made her demand a huge majority so she could negotiate freely!
I have sufficient faith in the Conservative party to think they will depose her some time soon because this is her mess!
She made several major mistakes which will not be forgiven easily by her own party or the rest of the country.
The writing appeared on the wall when she refused to contribute in the time honoured fashion of. election debates..she clearly held herself above all that!
Jeremy by contrast came good.
He looked better day by day and she helped in this with her assumption that he was beneath her!
Battered egos are clearly visible this morning....but the ones to really watch are those who wanted her job in the past!
Small meetings of muttering people will have their eyes on her job!
To pretend that she is the only person to lead our country during the next few months is clearly a nonsense!
Westminster is a very different place this morning! A hung parliament needs leadership that is trusted by us all.

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