Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A time of change!

I cannot remember a time so busy as this. My visitors are coming and going, old friends are turning up without warning.
I am coping so far.
The election demands my attention through all this. I shall vote before I do the midweek communion tomorrow.
Just one thought will motivate my will be a negative vote.
I have lost all liking for Mrs May....her need for a massive vote of support has plunged us all into this summer of angst.
I have a feeling that even if she did scrape back in her majority would be even less and she will be forced into doing deals with the other political groups.
I would like to see Labour in power once again, to keep our NHS safe and our schools free from the interference they have suffered since Gove imposed his own agenda on our schools.
Brexit has taken centre stage of course but I feel we need the confidence in ourselves as a country to try to overcome the very uncertain future that seems to lie ahead of us.
By this stage in the past I knew how I would vote, was prepared for never voting for a successful candidate but this time there are so many strands to consider it just feels like chaos.
We did not need this election right now...we have already voted to come out of the EU. We are facing it to bolster Mrs Mays ego.
Who ever gets in it feels like a fractured society...the appalling terror attacks during the last weeks has left us all both angry and determined to find our own paths again through the present picture.
Mr Trump over the pond does not make me feel any more secure.
Lord hear our prayer!

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