Friday, 16 June 2017


Too much news!
Too many appalling stories.
I can't remember a time when there doesn't seem any good news anywhere!
Us Christians are praying...we have several initiatives taking place during this summer but somehow they are becoming irrelevant.
Tomorrow in St Mawes there is an event long planned to coincide with the killing of Joe Cox.
A social get together...."Cream tea on the quay."
I am going but my heart just now is not in it!
Neither do I want to hear any more about bleep bleep Brexit!
If the last general election was called in order to get our Prime Minister enough clout to negotiate with the other heads of state, it has failed completely.
Trump seems to be in difficulties over the pond.
I actually welcomed the intervention by John Major yesterday...he spoke good sense compared to what's coming out of Downing St right now.
And Gove has been given a job!
I can't remember another period where there seems to be no good news apart from individual stories of bravery and help being given to those in need.
And that's all we can do....going to have a cream tea on the quay is a small step but it will bring our small community together please God.

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  1. The PM is much criticized, but yesterday she welcomed a group of residents and protesters to 10 Downing Street and spoke to them and listened for over two hours.

    It's a little, and a bit late, but she has demonstrated her compassion quietly, not the type of woman to bare her soul in public. Which seems to me to be a quality that hampers her in her role.

    I am pleased that some government ministers are coming to her defence, because she is villified unfairly by some on the left and the media.

    I find the media coverage distasteful. They sensationalise and make political capital out of the grief of the bereaved and those who have died. Particularly reprehensible is the call by the Labour Marxist shadow Chancellor McDonnel for millions to take to the streets to oust the Tories. They lost the election, and should now get on with consensus politics, not such calls for action which allows the militant tendencies of the Hard Left to flourish, as they did at the Kensington Town Hall on Friday.

    We need peace and unity, not the divisive rhetoric from all sides.