Monday, 19 June 2017

Attack in London.

Oh hell.....I suppose some sort of revenge crime was inevitable at some stage. Who ever decided to use a van to kill people coming out of their mosque has opened up a whole new area of terror.
The one thing we don't need now is a war of attrition against Muslims.
The Koran like the Bible preaches love not hate...
Our cream tea on the quay on Saturday was to remember Jo Cox. Our small get together was packed with people enjoying the sun and talking to each was evident where ever I went.
I have myself witnessed the hard line hatred of Muslims earlier this year when I was heckled in church by saying that Allah was another word for God.
The heckler stood up and shouted that I had said Allah was God. His anger cascaded around the church and I was unable to continue. I was actually shaking faced with such anger.
This is the anger that fuels mindless violence directed against Muslims.
I pray that what happened last night is not repeated. We have enough problems without the crusades being re enacted in dreadful scenes around the country.
"Love one another as I have loved you." Jesus words to us all. He didn't mean apart from Muslims.

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