Monday, 12 June 2017

Carry on regardless!

I apologise for returning to the same subject this morning but it is what is taking up the most space in my head!
It just gets worse as signalled by the the return of Gove to government.
Mrs May must be desperate!
After what he did to schools in this country, sending out two separate syllabuses to be worked at the same time in all our primary schools, I think we should be afraid, very afraid at what he might do to our environment.
The desperation felt by Mrs May is demonstrated by this choice.
She must hear the anxiety expressed by members of her own party , she must be aware that her time in office must be short.
I want to feel sorry for her but oddly I don't.
She has created this mess.
Her assertion stated yet again that it's business as usual is all about delivering either hard or soft Brexit.
She clearly believes in her own ability to negotiate the best possible terms. This was always going to be very difficult but now it seems from one sitting on the sidelines impossible.
If we don't trust her why would the other countries in the EU?
Her choice of Boris as Foreign minister was always questionable.
We are in real danger of becoming a laughing stock around the world.
So why are her own party not standing up to her....?
She is making the Labour Party look good!

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