Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Chance meetings?

Over the last week several unexpected visitors have arrived. On the day of my birthday I got a card from a man from the last cruise who also rang me later to wish me a happy day. I was amused to hear him describe the ship we met on as an old tub!
Later a lady came to the table we were sitting at in the restaurant. She flung her arms around me and wished me a happy birthday. It was the lady I sat next to at supper on the last cruise!
Two unexpected contacts!
Yesterday a couple of people who moved away a few years ago arrived...they are back and intend to stay here!
It has been a period of alarm at what is happening in the world lightened by several happy coincidences.
I am not going away during the summer this year. I shall enjoy my garden and stay put! But the next holiday is booked....and by coincidence I found last week that I am booked on the same ship as a very old friend.
I am wondering if in the face of all the horrors visible on our screens daily we are all unwittingly forging new bonds and renewing our old ones.
Us ancient astrologers would find the position of several planets of interest these days...but it's been years since I looked at an Ephemeris. This small booklet gives the position of the planets daily, necessary in order to attempt a reading!
I have of course given up Astrology completely since becoming a priest but old habits do surface at times... and the very old friend I shall be travelling with later this year was also an astrologer and this was what brought us together in the first place. So I can't help but reflect on where Saturn, the dark one is just now....
And then I shake my head, tell myself not to be stupid and carry on!
But the coincidences continue. And so does the world please God!

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