Sunday, 25 June 2017

Crowded Cornwall.

I am tired this morning after several meals out with old friends over the weekend.
Cornwall was very busy last week.....this was apparent from the huge number of cars on the road...
The hot spell has ended now and last nights outing to a local pub revealed empty tables...
So for the moment we seem to be back to normal....just quietly beautiful.
Every summer for years I've chosen to be miss the massive influx of visitors but this year I plan to be st home .
This means I can enjoy my garden which traditionally has been neglected during August...some of my pots need watering every day in hot weather and I have arrived home to withered sweet peas too often.
But it means that I've missed the massive influx most years.
I had forgotten why many of us chose to be absent in August.
My friends are travelling home this morning and I am trying hard not to be relieved....
At the end of the week in a traditional Petertide service in the cathedral our curate will be priested...I want to be there so this week I need to rest...
Us octogenarians sleep a lot!

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