Monday, 5 June 2017

Finding the guilty.

The blame game has started. It is inevitable I suppose. If you can work out who to blame for anything that has gone wrong then you may be able to prevent it happening again.
But in this case there are just too many suspects. People making threats very often don't follow them through....and it would take up far too many  man hours to check everything daily.
The internet has made it very easy for dissidents to spread unrest and to encourage acts of violence . Small groups of violent young people are now capable of bomb making . The London Bridge horror needed nothing more than a van and men with knives...
It is very depressing that young people living here should find themselves able to reek such horrors on us all. Seeking martyrdom should surely cancel out the glory being sought by these men.
It is very easy in hindsight to blame the police and the politicians who cut the numbers of policemen. We always need to blame someone. But unless you can prevent the whole thing happening again there doesn't seem to be much point.
The only thing that cheers me up is the sight of the thousands of people who attended the concert in Manchester at the weekend....
Praying together, singing together, being united in our faith , these are the essential ingredients of our resistance to all this horror and if we enjoy ourselves whilst we are doing it so much the better.
Lord, hear our prayer!

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