Saturday, 24 June 2017

Happy Day!

Well I'm not going to have another day like that again! Yesterday was simply amazing....
Cards and flowers arrived . Good friends took me out to lunch to a lovely hotel by the sea where we were treated like royalty. The man who is our verger had laid on champagne. His wife is the manager.
At every stage the staff looked after us magnificently.
I met someone from the last cruise eating at the same place. She wished me a happy birthday!
Back at home I slept.....because I was out again in the evening with a very old friend who used to be my dentist!
St Mawes was packed, we have a lot of visitors here right now but we found a table in a pub run by another old friend...
When I got home I found plants and more cards by my front door!
A phone call from another person from the last cruise , several emails from other old friends, more flowers arriving , it was well beyond anything I could have hoped for!
Maybe being 80 isn't quite so bad!

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