Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Henley memories.

High summer....a time we always went to Henley, a time for ordinations, a time to enjoy the period before we fill up here once schools have broken up!
The current ordinations are done in the Cathedral but due to a small group of people staging some very noisy demos on previous occasions the bishop decided that although we were deaconed in the cathedral the priesting was to be in our own churches.
It was a great joy to find the man I subsequently married in the church on the day. He had come home early from Henley he said...
It was the first indication of the love that grew between us.
The following year we both went to Henley. It was a major culture shock to one brought up in the back streets of Rochdale!
I got used to the posh frocks....I still have several big hats tucked away on top of a wardrobe.
I haven't been back despite the invitation from the Leander club to become a member...after David died.
But the memories remain golden....sitting with good friends drinking wine and cheering on those competing.
David's old winning crew , celebrated on an oar now hanging over his office here are now all dead...but I still remember them all and the picnics we held every year complete with reminiscences of times past.
Henley was not my celebration but it still holds golden memories of new love and old joys... I shall raise a glass to them all this week!

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