Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Hot weather!

This hot weather is wonderful. But also frustrating. In the old days I would have taken advantage of it to swim in the sea and to bask in the suns rays till I went brown.
I could still swim, I might yet do so....but first I would have to cover myself in a good sun block and there are lots of places I can't reach on my own!
I might yet paddle...but that's tame stuff compared to what I want to do!
During one hot spell me and my golden retriever Crispin used to get up early, walk down the hill to the local beach and swim out together!
He kept pace with me easily except on the occasion when we met a dog fish. He gulped and turned back for the shore...trying to pull me back with him.
I loved swimming from the harbour too when the tide was right...in Portscatho the slipway held many old women as well as young ones with babies , clustered in a group of chatterers.
Sometimes if I swam from there they used to encourage me ,
" Come on mother Jean."
That was almost twenty years ago. Oh dear!
Today I will be covered up in my garden. Long skirts and a big hat!
The garden is a haven of quiet and looks wonderful right now.
I regret not swimming these days but the alternative is good . I am happy....remarkably happy!

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  1. I've lived near water all my life, but despite repeated attempts could never learn to swim, or even not gag in terror when my head goes under. I so regret that I couldn't take my children in, especially when their father also couldn't (different reason). I actually don't know if they can or can't swim now.
    And I never could go out long in the sun, even before getting the same "gypsy's warning" you have. These hot days have me hiding in the bedroom or under our tree, merely "estivating" until it's safe to go out again.
    At least thank the Lord I've cracked the antihistamines and the veggie garden is coming into mad production! #LordOfTheHarvest
    PS We were down your way last week, in Falmouth to sing with a choir. Sent you a cheerful wave from the cruise boat! xx

  2. Really sorry I missed that! The wave I mean...My house is visible from Falmouth...it's tall and white and next to the water tower....

  3. If we're ever your way again and not on a timetable...