Saturday, 17 June 2017

Junk mail!

It's been both a terrible week and a week for thanking God for the good people helping those who desperately need it.
At the same time my inbox is showing some very weird messages.
This morning I got email offering me something which will regrow my hair! The assumption was clearly that I'm a bald man!
I have been offered several job opportunities..... plumbing is only one of them!
Much cheaper car insurance for goodness sake...
I have won several things without even trying...
All my debts can be managed by using this service! I have none.
A man called Preston is looking for a female partner...would I please consider him....he wants a loving serious relationship! Being courted by email !
Several "prizes" are also on offer, not least from Mr Dingo Sofa!
Emails from Apple, Amazon and Whatsapp tell me to confirm my details or be struck off! I don't even use the last one!
What on earth has happened to get all this junk? Do they wait for a national disaster to strike and then pounce whilst we are thinking of something else?
The world as represented in my junk box is a desperate place...
But outside the sun is shining. Full glorious summer is here.
And this afternoon we will have our get together in the village, remember Jo Cox and eat our cream teas...before I come home to deposit another load of junk into my trash can!
Has the world gone completely mad. Or is it just me!

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