Monday, 5 June 2017


Several people have recently told me that they not only read my scribbling most days but they have also tracked them back!
This is very life backwards....
So I have tried it myself recently and it is interesting....sometimes the solution to a problem comes before you know what the problem is!
The Time hop app takes me back daily too....reminding me of things long forgotten and of people important to my life who have either moved or gone aloft before me!
It's all there.....deaths and horrors as well as cruise stories and visits to wonderful places...
Sometimes I am reminded of people I met, talked to and then lost contact with...
The photographs I find tucked away of my children and husbands often make me weep but I'm glad to find them....
One of my oldest friends is still around...and he reminds me of daft holiday excursions before any of us were really any good on boats!
His wife had a simple solution to all dodgy moments....she would hand out the boiled sweets.
Unfortunately that gave us a clue that we were in some sort of danger!
Deep groans always accompanied the sweets! But we survived!
All the best memories are right here in Cornwall.
I am so glad that I finally moved and I enjoy living here a lot!
But the appalling news coming in almost daily keeps my feet on the a way I would never have dreamed of before.....
So pass the boiled sweets.....we can do this!

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