Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The phishers of men! And women!

The phishing emails are coming through thick and fast . In the last week alone I have been informed several times that my account has been closed or is about to be.
The common factor is the demand that I put in all my details in order to get things back to normal....
Come on chaps!
If you are telling me that I can't get mail then how am I reading it?
I send all the phishing mail off to Apple as I was requested to do..I get no feed back but at least I'm sticking by the rules and hopefully some of the scammers can be traced!
I have fixed my phone account to stop the worst of the phone calls coming through but some still do manage it. I now always look at the number before picking it up...but this week a couple of them got through!
That apart, the sun is shining this morning..though it still feels a little chilly!
We seem to have a government again though how long for is debatable.
Old friends are arriving whilst others are going home. Everything in fact has gone back to what is now normal here...
But I am listening to the news and reading the articles from America with some incredulity! Russia seems to be joining in this week!
Nothing in fact is what I have got used to thinking is normal!
So be it!

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  1. I keep getting a message saying "an error occurred " and asking me for details. Since this is always while I am actually online with no apparent problems I simply delete the 'pop up' and carry on.
    Somewhere deep in cyber space there is a colony of lunatics.

  2. Phising is on the rise. Ask the Cod.