Friday, 30 June 2017

Time moves on.

Lots of odd things have always laid in wait for me...I seem to attract them!
This week has been no different.
Flicking through a program on the TV one night I saw a friend's name! She had a part in it so naturally I watched....when my very old friend arrived on the screen I gasped!
"She's an old woman" I spoke the words out loud...
Well yes of course she should not have been a surprise!
A phone call from an even older friend took me back even more years. I assumed it was a happy birthday day call but in fact she rang to tell me she was London! Not a good move from Winchester I thought but she was going to live with her sister who still gets parts in plays, often ones with long runs!
On hearing me bemoan being eighty now she informed me crisply that she is now ninety so I have a long way to go yet!
Two contacts from my days of being involved with the theatre brought back many good memories as well as some sad ones.
I worked in various theatres for several years...
"What on earth would David have to say about your living miles from anywhere now? "
She was move away from Essex has caused a separation between us that she is sure the first David would not have approved of.
After the call I gazed out of my window seeing the ships over in Falmouth and the curl of the coastline as it outlines the Lizard in the far distance.....
My first husband would love it I'm sure! He would not I believe have been happy living close to London, particularly now.
After the dreaded birthday last week it was good to remember other times and other old people. We, the survivors have lived through interesting times...
We can't go back so let's hope that what is to come is full of joy. Even though right now that looks
very unlikely.

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