Friday, 2 June 2017

Trumps brave new world.

Oh dear.....or words to that effect.
Trump has started to publicly self destruct, taking the world with him!
The words he used as he withdrew America from the Paris agreement rang massive warnings in my head,
"The world won't laugh at us anymore"
He is right. The world will weep.
I listened to the speech this morning by John Kerry, the previous administrations chief of state who had been responsible for the US signing the agreement, to try to head off global warning by restricting the use of fossil fuels. He was clearly miffed!
Trump has obviously got the message that for some he is a laughing stock. No politician he told us had been treated as unfairly as him.
This is just one indication that sooner than be treated unfairly he is is willing to jeopardise the world.
There will be others. He needs constant reassurance, constant adoration.
That's why he keeps returning to the rallies that boost his ego.
It's very sad.
Not just for America but for the world.
As he goes to work to fulfil his election promises the rest of the world will watch his antics but I'm afraid that the sight of America going against the Paris agreement will ensure that his oft repeated slogan, "Make America great again." will become a stick to beat him with.
It's a much sadder world this morning!

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