Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Very busy day!

Waking early , listing all the things I have to do today, I have got several reminders to vote by email!
As though anyone could forget that it's polling day!
Oddly I find myself resenting the urgent need to tell me to go out! They are nearly as bad as the numerous requests for donations.
"If you chip in now we can get more people to the polls."
My morning is already complicated....
The midweek communion is in St Mawes church. It is up a long steep difficult to manoeuvre hill so I always park on the sea wall and walk up!
After that I have to drive to the small village of St Just to the polling booth.
Once I've voted and dispensed the Holy Mysteries I have a couple of home visits in the next village...
The whole manoeuvre is complicated...and involves a lot of stopping and starting and it's raining and windy!
My inclination is to snuggle down , watch the world from my bed...and wait for the results show which will go on all night!
I shan't of course!
An extra sideshow is what is going on in Washington!
The drama involves the sacking of the head of the FBI!
Today could be very interesting...I just hope I'll survive...

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