Sunday, 11 June 2017

What next?

Having just come back from the eight o'clock service I am reading the headlines....gosh we live in interesting times!
I apologised at the end of the service for not praying for the world......I didn't know where to start! Instead I prayed for local problems, the sick and the dead....but I kept well away from anything else!
We had a much larger congregation than usual...some disappeared quickly at the end but several stayed behind, obviously needing some sort of conversation. But not about our current problems of government.
"Nothing has changed"
Everything has changed Mrs May!
We all ended up by being very glad to be in Cornwall, well away from what looks like a cataclysmic week.
There was no sympathy for our current Prime Minister as we got to the last couple of people in church.
We agreed that this is a self imposed situation and that the person who caused it should not be the one entrusted to sorting it out.
But does she realise that?
A quick glance at the Sunday papers should convince her....but I'm not sure that our present Foreign Secretary is up to the job either!
I can't remember a time of such puzzled uncertainty! I await the next steps with interest!
It's not going to be dull!

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