Sunday, 2 July 2017

A day of joy!

I enjoyed yesterday. I got a lift into Truro and we were there very early so I was able to walk around familiar streets before robing for the ceremony. I met lots of old friends some of whom had assumed that I'd retired or died. I don't get about these days as much as I used to!
Several people joked that I found it easier to get around the world than into Truro and this is actually true!
If I'm getting on a ship someone picks me up from home and drops me on the quay at Southampton. After that it's easy!
Driving into Truro, finding a parking place isn't in itself too bad, it's using the ticket machines that I fall down on...if the sun is shining on the face of the machine I have difficulty in reading the words of instruction...
Several times irate drivers have rescued's not a situation I want to repeat very often!
The service was lovely and full of both emotion and joy...tears and laughter were evident and in the robing room we were inevitably comparing our own experiences.
All the ordinands were female. This got us all comparing notes. There was a gasp when I told them I had been ordained in 2005. There was then still a lot of opposition to female priests.
"You made the way then for us!' I was stunned at this reaction...but I suppose it's true that us early female deacons and priests encountered a lot of prejudice until the local church goers got used to us.
It's a whole brave new world now and I thank God for it.......

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